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Why isn't tripBAM finding me better rates?

Based upon our historical results, we save over $100 better than 80% of the time.  Not always but often.  Rest assured, we're working hard to find you that deal.

Our ability to find rates depends a lot upon you, your trip, your destination, and the hotels selected.  To improve our chances of finding you a better deal:

  • Make sure your cluster size is more than 5 hotels.  The bigger the better.  Heck, put in 50 hotels, we don't care.
  • Make sure your savings threshold isn't too high.  Personally, if I could save a $1.00,  I'd take it but that's me. 
  • Check the bed type. Do you really need a king size bed?  If a smaller bed will do, update the search to Queen or better as it will improve your chances.  
  • Check all the boxes that apply - AAA, Senior, Military, etc.  Some of these can result in significant savings.
  • Make sure that is on your safe sender's list.  Our results may be going into your junk mail folder.  If we don't hear from you in 24 hours, we automatically cancel the booking.

Finally, hotels vary on their willingness to change their rates. Hotels in major cities (New York, LA, Chicago) tend to change their rates  often.  Hotels in smaller cities, not nearly as much.   When they do change them, they tend to do so more frequently closer to check-in date and for very short periods of time.  Be patient as things can change in a hurry. 

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