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How do I create a hotel cluster?

After entering the desired hotel on the first page, you'll see the Cluster Builder Page.  On the right hand side (Red), you will see a list of hotels that are in your cluster.  The initial set is created by tripBAM and includes hotels that we think are similar to the one you entered based upon star rating, amenities, and distance.  The list on the left (Blue), is a list of all the hotels similar to the hotel you entered but farther away.  The blue list can change depending upon the usage of the filters at the top of the screen - name, distance, brand, amenities, etc.  You can add hotels to your cluster by checking the box next to the hotel name.  You can remove hotels from your cluster by un-checking the box or selecting the red X icon for those hotels already in the cluster.  

On the map, the Red capital H represents the hotel that you entered on the first page.  The red hotel icons represent hotels currently in the cluster.  The blue icons represent similar hotels near by.  To see more information about a hotel, select the hotel picture, or select the icon on the map.  

Remember - the larger your cluster, the better chance we have of finding a great deal.  Big clusters are good.  

Once you are done creating your cluster, click on the NEXT button at the bottom of the screen.

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