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How do I switch from Test Drive mode to book a reservation?

The best way to use tripBAM is to allow tripBAM to reserve rooms along the way.  All the rates we shop are flexible rates - no deposit required, easy cancellation terms (24 hours before check-in).  To use this feature, check the box when creating a search to "Book it before it's gone!".  tripBAM will then ask you for additional information required by hotels to reserve a room.  

If you started a search in "Test Drive Mode" - edit the search from the My Trips/My Searches page.  As a last step (after picking the cluster and specifying dates), check the box "Book it before it's gone!", (see below) and add the required information.  tripBAM will shop the existing cluster, reply with the best rate available, and if accepted, create a reservation at that hotel.  As the system finds lower rates that are accepted, tripBAM will automatically cancel any prior reservations and book the new rate or hotel.

If you ACCEPT, do you want us to book a reservation at this new rate?

Yes - Book it before it's gone!
No - Don't book it, I'm just giving tripBAM a test drive.

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