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  1. How do I switch from Test Drive mode to book a reservation?

  2. How do I create a hotel cluster?

  3. Do the listed rates include tax?

  4. Found a lower rate but not booked by tripBAM?

  5. How can I search and book more than one room?

  6. How and when hotels charge your credit card?

  7. How are star ratings determined?

  8. How do I cancel a reservation?

  9. How do I check on my request for a room?

  10. How do I find out about available amenities?

  11. How do I retrieve a past reservation?

  12. If I cancel my reservation will I be charged a fee?

  13. Is there an extra charge if more than one adult stays in the room?

  14. May I call the hotel directly? Where do I get the phone number?

  15. My hotel is not listed in the tripBAM search box on the first page?

  16. What about special requests such as rollaway beds or room location?

  17. What do I do if I've received a billing error from my hotel?

  18. What does “start with the BEST available rate” mean?

  19. What is the cancellation policy on my reservation?

  20. What is your policy regarding credit card security?

  21. What to do if you do not receive a confirmation email?

  22. What to do if you experience credit card difficulty?

  23. When will my reservation be at the hotel?

  24. Travel Agencies

  25. Corporations

  26. Investors

  27. Where do I find directions to my hotel?

  28. Who we are and how are we different?

  29. Why can't I see Hotel Rates in tripBAM™?

  30. Why is it called tripBAM?

  31. Why isn't tripBAM finding me better rates?

  32. Will my hotel charge for my children to stay with me?

  33. Will tripBAM cancel a reservation that I made on another site or though my travel agency?

  34. Where does hotel information come from?

  35. How old to use senior rates?

  36. What does "Deposit Required" mean?

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